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The Purpose of PCT

PCT, or ‘Post Cycle Therapy’, refers to the process of normalising the body after a period of ingesting (or injecting) steroids. Some people expect too much from PCT and don’t really give it a chance. However, this is more often than not due to a lack of understanding, rather than an unwillingness to try new options. The purpose of PCT isn’t necessarily to help you maintain the level of fitness, strength and stamina that you’ve become used to experiencing during your ‘on’ cycle. Instead, it’s to help your body through the transition from steroid use to steroid independence, by reducing the negative effects of a testosterone crash.

What Happens During Steroid Withdrawal?

The purpose of taking steroids is to artificially increase our natural hormone levels. However, when we flood our bodies with artificial testosterone it’s often the case that natural testosterone production will slow down or even stop. So, when we stop taking artificial testosterone into our systems, we’re suddenly left with a significant hormone deficit. The longer we’ve been using steroids for, the more of a deficit we will experience.

The physical effects of steroid withdrawal can include muscle weakness, fatigue and depression. You may also lose weight and have difficulty sleeping, and you might experience mood fluctuations. Symptoms vary from person to person, both in diversity and severity. The purpose of PCT is to manage and alleviate these symptoms, if and when they occur. Properly implemented, PCT can even help to stave off some or all symptoms entirely.

What Does PCT Involve?

The primary aim of post cycle therapy is to restore natural testosterone production in the body. To this end, PCT usually involves drugs, but may also include other elements such as diet and exercise. Perhaps the two most well-known PCT drugs are clomiphene citrate and tamoxifen, which work by blocking oestrogen. Other drugs work by increasing FSH and LH, which stimulate testosterone production. Some individuals find that just one drug works well for them, while others may prefer to rely on a combination of two or more.

When to Prepare Your PCT Plan

The time to start a PCT plan is when your steroid cycle finishes, but in terms of preparation you should begin a lot earlier. However, you should also consider the possibility that you don’t actually need to engage in PCT. The most important aspect of post cycle therapy is making sure your body is under the least amount of stress possible, and if you only plan to be off steroids for a short amount of time then PCT might actually cause more harm than good. However, if you do plan to rely on a post course therapy plan then the best thing you can do is conduct all research before you come off steroids. This way, you’ll have your PCT drug doses planned and ready for when you need them.

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