Payment Methods

All payments are accepted in Bitcoin only, if you are familiar with Bitcoin just send to our wallet address provided below. If you are a newbie below are a few super simple ways you can pay for your order fast with no problems.

Revolut Banking Instructions

1 - Sign in or sign up to Revolut banking mobile app.
2 - Buy Bitcoin
3 - Click on your Bitcoin wallet and click "Send"
4 - Add our Bitcoin address bc1qn3svjg9sr7tl67qpd2efugcgyz9z47mzqc6rep
5 - Send your order amount of bitcoin to us and email in telling us with screenshot this has been done.

The only payment we will now accept is Bitcoin (BTC) this keeps everyone safe and secure.

Mercuryo (All cards accepted)

How to use a card for your order payment

Step 1 – Visit
Step 2 – Select currency as GBP and enter the value of your order and select "Buy"
Step 3 – Add our bitcoin wallet address bc1qn3svjg9sr7tl67qpd2efugcgyz9z47mzqc6rep
Step 4 – Add email and add your full name on card you are paying with
Step 5 – Make payment
Step 6 – You may have to upload an ID and take a selfie to prove you are the same person as the name on the card.
Step 7 – Once confirmed, send us an email telling us to locate your payment with screenshot and dispatch goods.

Summary - These are two of the easiest and quickest ways to send Bitcoin, please make sure you cut and paste our wallet address CORRECTLY as we will not be held responsible for payments to other addresses, once paid do not forget to email us to request we locate your payment and progress your order.

Our Bitcoin wallet address - bc1qn3svjg9sr7tl67qpd2efugcgyz9z47mzqc6rep

Also, you can pay with Moonpay

Moonpay Instructions (Credit Card Payment)

What you need to make a card for you order - please see below

What do you need?
1 – Order amount (How much you would like to send)
2 – BTC Address (This is the address where you are sending the payment) bc1qn3svjg9sr7tl67qpd2efugcgyz9z47mzqc6rep
3 – Telephone number
4 – Email ID
5 – ID for payments over £44

Step 1 – Go to
Step 2 – Enter the amount you need to pay for your order
Step 3 – Enter your email ID
Step 4 – Provide all required details.
Enter your ID (Note such organisations need ID as they are classed as similar institutions to banks)

Note they do not know what you have paid for as sending Bitcoin is anonymous.

Step 5 –Choose a payment method and make payment via Debit Card or Transfer – BTC order will be confirmed in minutes if card/transfer payment has been successful.
Step 6 –Send the bitcoin to this address bc1qn3svjg9sr7tl67qpd2efugcgyz9z47mzqc6rep

Please then take a screenshot or picture of the payment confirmation and send to [email protected] or [email protected] so we can process your order.

This the address you must send your bitcoin payment too, make sure you copy and paste to avoid typos

Also, if you have golf Bitcoin on any wallet, you can transfer to our wallet.

** If your currency is not GBP (British Pound), then convert GBP to your currency and then buy the BTC. **

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