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Oral Steroids

Perhaps the most frequently used alternative, oral steroids are easy and convenient to administer and deliver incredibly noticeable results – helping users to enjoy faster gains!

What are Oral Steroids?

Orally-ingested anabolic steroids usually come in table and liquid suspension forms that act like testosterone. They are popular in bodybuilding and athletic circles, as they increase muscle size and strength.

As well as fast muscle gains, this synthetic form of testosterone plays a key role in the maintenance of bone and muscle strength.

Injectable vs. Oral Steroids

With the same benefits afforded by oral steroids, anabolic steroids are also available in injectable form. Probably one of the most significant differences between the two variables is that orals avoid the discomfort of painful injections.

Although injectable steroids do provide quality gains over time, those who prefer quicker results might want to opt for oral steroids – for greater gains in less time.

Which Alternative Should You Use?

So… which variant should you opt for? The answer is both! Bodybuilders and athletes can use orals and injectables in their cycle - kicking off with oral steroids for an impressive start, then slowly leaning towards injectables nearer the end of the cycle to introduce some balance.

Steroid Juice Bar provides the best quality oral steroids in the UK, including the ever popular Anadrol and Dianabol. Just remember, for safe and impressive results, always take your oral steroids responsibly!