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Using Steroid Cycles to Get Lean Muscle

A steroid cycle is the period of time in which a person is actually taking steroids. A cycle can vary in both length and intensity, with many people choosing to vary both in order to see maximum results. In fact, carefully planning your steroid cycles can directly affect the type of muscle you build, so it’s a great idea to carefully plan your steroid regime before embarking upon it.

Many people choose to use steroids to build lean muscle and for this you will require a very particular type of steroid cycle. Lean muscle steroid cycles utilise a combination of bulking and cutting. Unlike bulk mass cycles, lean muscle cycles are more costly and return results at a slower rate. For these reasons, they’re often overlooked by beginner steroid users. However, if you want to achieve the trim physique prized by lean muscle enthusiasts, you will have to put in the required time and effort.

Creating Your Stack

First and foremost, you will need a steroid stack that suits the type of physique you’re seeking to build. Avoid over-reliance on the more common muscle-building compounds; including some is of course only necessary, but too much and you will run the risk of over-building. Instead, make sure to include compounds designed to build muscle hardness and minimise water retention.

Diet and Training

In a lean steroid cycle it’s absolutely crucial that you embark upon just the right combination of diet and exercise. Whereas bulk training will focus on activities such as lifts, your workout regime should mainly comprise cardio and conditioning. With regards to diet, you should avoid the majority of ‘gaining’ diet plans that put an emphasis on calories over nutrition. Lean muscle steroid cycles are not about gaining – they are about building strength whilst keeping the body toned and taut. Take in plenty of protein but avoid over-carbo-loading.

Water Retention

Some bodybuilders maintain that it doesn’t matter which compound you use in your lean steroid cycle, as results are achieved mainly through varying the length and intensity of a cycle stack. However, there is one main difference between lean steroid cycle stacks and bulk stacks – the steroids utilised in the former are much less likely to result in water retention. This is great news for anyone who’s after a lean muscle physique, as it’s a visible reward that counterpoints the inconvenience of having to wait to see results.

Eliminating Fat

Perhaps the best way to see the lean results you want is to focus on eliminating fat, rather than building muscle. After all, any muscle conditioning and strengthening you do achieve will be undermined by a high body fat percentage! This is why diet and exercise are so important for people who want to embark upon a lean steroid cycle. Shifting your focus from muscle gain to fat elimination will help to ensure you stay on track and achieve the lean, mean body you’ve always wanted.

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